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Radio Hits Vol.7 - MUSIC 4 ALL EN/SK 

Vision SD Pictures and have published a CD compilation named Radio Hits Vol.6 featuring Slovak and foreign artists and a special CD compilation The Best of Radio Hits,
which is a collection of the best songs we have gathered during last years of this project.

Based on these projects we are happy to present another song collection without genre limitations – Radio Hits Vol.7 - MUSIC 4 ALL!

If you believe in yourself, make a good music and if you want to promote your tracks not just only on the web and in the clubs, let us know and join the Radio Hits Vol.7 project!

We will promote this compilation with your song on it in various music clubs, during music and cultural events, on the Internet, or in the e-media. It will be sent into the hands of Slovak and Czech radio dramaturgists as well. Press releases will be issued on the Internet thanks to our media partners, such as Somojo Radio (UK), Music News (UK).
They will also be presented to event and music festival managers, into the satelite, Internet radios and podcasts. Every artist on the CD will receive a set of CDs for his own promotion.

When and how to apply?
Send us your best or most recent track in mp3 format and a photo of yourself or your band to

If the song fullfills all the technical requirements, we will send a Promo Agreement to each of the artists.
(We cover every expense associated with the promotion – radios, festivals, postage costs. Duplication and CD creation costs are divided amongst the participants – the fee is 100 EUR. The fee is one-time only and is paid after the acceptance of your track. PayPal is accepted.)
The most important acceptance criteria is the „technical standard master level“ of your song, not an artistic approach or genre.

Upon signing of the Promo Agreement, receiving the CD master (CD audio / wav) and receiving the participation fee the song will be included on the CD. The compilation will be published during Q1 2013, but the sooner you send your song, the better place on the CD you get. The space is limited.


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email us or call ---> ++421 907 47 22 33

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