2010 - new sound, new people, new energy! CoolHunter is pop-alternative.

  CoolHunter is
  Slavomír Bachratý - vocals, lyrics & chords
Peter Horvath - violin, backing vocals
  Lukáš Minařík - keyboards, piano
  Marek Neumahr - bass guitar
Jazzadelic - guitar
  DJ ELE - electronic music




CoolHunter Booking and Promotion agencies
  Musicum Ad Libitum... agency ...
  ARS - umělecká agentura
  Vision SD Pictures




3 Brand new tracks Deborah, Get it hot and When you sleep

CD Compilation Radio Hits Vol. 3


CD Compilation Radio Hits Vol. 2 featuring Right out of the sky by CoolHunter

CD Compilation Get tuned featuring Fear by CoolHunter



CD Compilation Radio Now Vol.6 featuring See Me! by CoolHunter




CoolHunter live!

10. 5.2007: The rate of CoolHunter's broadcast from November 2006 increase to 1155!!!
It relates to the singles like News (the most successful), All I Want, See Me!, Trust, Heaven and Final Suffering. 

30. 4.2007: CoolHunter and Myspace. We have about 40 friends like Placebo, Roxette, Chris Nunes, Billy Gilman or radios such as radio indie, radio gets wild etc. more: MYSPACE WEBSITE 

8. 4.2007: CoolHunter live! 17/4/07, UNIQUE CLUB, Bratislava 10:00 PM, more: http://www.unique.sk/ 

29. 3.2007: Brand new music visual for single called ALL I WANT, just click and watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_LPOW4nug

22.3.2007: Slovak pop band CoolHunter hit the international Australian Top 40 chart with the 5th place. see more

26. 2.2007: Brand new musicvisual for single called HEAVEN:

16. 1.2007: Brand new single called Heaven will be possible on EUROPEAN RADIO CAMPAIGN - very soon

16.2.2007: A brand new CoolHunter CD - All I Want , you can buy it!

12.12.2006: A new CoolHunter showreel video in ABOUT US

Mr. Radovan "Vrabec" Orth - Slovak music producer will produce remake of CoolHunter single called SEE ME! for foreign and Slovak market

13.11.2006: WATCH CoolHunter FIRST MANGA video SEE ME! on YouTube

11/2006: Album SUNSHINE is delivered to 23!!!!! independent world music stores - USA, Canada, Europe 

06.11.2006: WATCH CoolHunter live videos! Find it in DISCOGRAPHY
Reviews of CoolHunter fans (from CDBABY, international distribution network):

Reviewer: Seana
Great. Is it realy European? I wanna see em live. Cool.

Reviewer: Richard Seen
Songs such as Mary Doe and See me are pearls of European music factory. I very like Final Suffering that gets me down, also Sunshine "A green sunshine over your head" sounds morbid and cool. Go on Cool! Coolhunter. 

10/2006: Album SUNSHINE will be delivered to 15 independent world music stores - USA, Canada, Europe

10/2006: USA music distribution company 3000records will distribute WORLDWIDE - Japan, Europe, USA, Canada a compilation CD including SEE ME! song

08/2006: USA music distribution company CDBABY produces and distributes CoolHunter album SUNSHINE 

08/2006: CoolHunter produces 3 singles for free download - see "discography" and download! 

10.7.2006: The new album "SUNSHINE" is published! 

18.6.2006: Song "Je to pravda" is the most listened in the framework of ERADIO (www.eradio.sk) 

11.6.2006: Song "Is it true?" is published in the framework of ERADIO. 

6.6.2006: Song "Vsetko co chcem" is the most listened in the framework of ERADIO (www.eradio.sk) 

11.5.2006: CH published the singel "Elm Grove" 

9.5.2006: CH published the singel "Vsetko co chcem" 

2005: CH published the singel/soundtrack "CITY.COM"